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Some speaking

I had the pleasure to present my work, and to be thinking alongside others, in many places of this world: Bogotá, Brussels, Lisbon, Berlin, Guayaquil, Mexico City, London, Madrid, Quito, New York, Zagreb, Vienna, and many more. Some of these times, the talks were recorded, on video or audio, some others not. I like to think that these moments were also recorded in other forms: in writings, drawings or other traces for further thought and creation.


‘Fun fair of thoughts’ by Erik Göngrich and Thomas Rustemey-er, drawing from thoughts and words by Giulia Palladini (2014).

For example, this is how the drawing below took shape: it was a mural realized by artists Erik Göngrich and Thomas Rustemeyer in response to the ideas I presented in my lecture, in the frame of the project ‘Zu ICH um WIR zu sein <> Experiments in Collectivity’, curated by Cora Hegewald at the Galerie der Hochschule für Grafik Buchkunst (Leipzig 2014).

What follows is a selection of those occasions: public lectures and seminars, interviews and conversations.


The Slow Hurry of Figuration [La prisa calma de la figuración], in the frame of Cátedra Teatralidades expandidas, ‘Forced Entertainment. Things That Go Through Your Mind When Falling’

Madrid, Museo Reina Sofia, September 2023.

7.3 Cacique_De Los Dementes_Foto Federico Paladino.jpg

Política del montaje y de la réplica en Mapa Teatro, in the frame of the exhibition Mapa Teatro: Laboratorio de la imaginación social 40 años

Bogotà, Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia, March 2023


Possession without property: the unwork of Chiara Fumai, in the frame of the exhibition ‘Poems I will never release. Chiara Fumai 2007-2017’,

Brussels, La Loge, October 2021.


Giulia Palladini and Valeria Graziano, Against a logic of scarcity: on militant abundance, in the frame of the program ‘Spot on Economics’, Essen, PACT Zollverein, October 2021 (online).


Interview with Emma Murray, in the frame of the project ‘Digital and Distanced Dance Potentialities’ Christchurch, Movement Art Practice, August 2020 (online)


Diálogos sobre creación e investigación artística, 

Santiago de Chile, Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Chile, July 2020 (online)


Giulia Palladini and Rolf Abderhalden, Romper el tiempo. Diálogos desde el aislamiento,

Ciudad de México, Museo del Chopo, June 2020 (online)


The Scene of Foreplay,  in the lectures series Histórias do Experimental,

Lisbon, Teatro do Barrio Alto, March 2020


Descripción, imaginación, crítica: sobre teatro y separación, keynote in the conference “Un teatro del presente. Poética, política, realidad”,

Ciudad de México, Centro Cultural de España en México, September 2019.


¿Qué valor de uso tiene el performance?, keynote in the project  Experimenta Sur, Bogotá, Centro de Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación, February 2014.

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